Renewable & Green Energy

The 2010s was a decade of significant change in the way in which electricity was generated throughout the world. During the course of the decade there was a boom in the amount of renewable and low carbon generation assets that commenced generating electricity. With countries bringing in ever more ambitious net-zero carbon targets Fladgate expect that electricity will increasingly be sourced from renewable and low carbon generation assets although it will be interesting to see what impact if any Covid-19 and the recent collapse in oil prices has if it continues has on this trend.

In the 2020s, the combined factors of decarbonisation, digitalisation and decentralisation are likely to continue to drive forward the green energy revolution and create the opportunity for innovation within the sector. If oil prices stay at historically low levels further innovation may be required to drive the decarbonisation agenda. With the increased reliance on renewable and low carbon energy it is likely that technology which harnesses data will be utilised to assist in delivering efficiencies in the distribution, supply and consumption of electricity.

In conjunction with the decarbonisation of electricity, the 2020s will see the decarbonisation of a significant proportion of the transportation sector. In the United Kingdom, the government has highlighted the importance of delivering an electric vehicle charging infrastructure which facilitates the adoption of electric vehicles by the general public. The UK government’s Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund managed by Zouk Capital and other private sector operators have begun the process of putting in place the infrastructure needed to accommodate the exponential growth in electric vehicles on our roads.

Fladgate’s Green Energy Group is a cross-departmental team that brings together lawyers with expertise and experience across the renewable and low carbon energy, greentech and electric vehicle infrastructure sectors. Fladgate’s Green Energy Group through its combination of sector focus and legal expertise is ideally suited to advising and assisting business with legal issues arising in connection with:

  • Renewable and low carbon energy generation assets (such as wind and solar farms, energy from waste and biomass)
  • Battery storage
  • Electric vehicle infrastructure
  • Greentech

The Green Energy Group has specialists across the firm who are able to advise and assist you with the full range of legal issues that are relevant to a business operating in the green sector including the following:

  • Planning
  • Land options, leases and easements
  • Grid connection
  • PPA, O&M and EPC agreements
  • Commercial contracts and intellectual property
  • Debt funding agreements
  • Joint venture, shareholder and investment agreements
  • Acquisitions and disposals

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The Renewable & Green Energy Group focuses on the renewable energy (including solar and wind), battery storage, electric vehicle infrastructure sectors and related greentech.