Dispute Resolution

In a fast-moving and increasingly international business world there are, inevitably, times when agreements and contracts break down and legal action is required to protect assets or compensate loss.

Dispute resolution is exactly that – the process by which a resolution is achieved and, at Fladgate, it is a central pillar of our practice rather than an adjunct to our corporate work.

We help clients to identify and achieve the best possible outcomes through negotiation, or if necessary, arbitration or the litigation process. This may mean finding a compromise through mediation or seeking damages, it may mean settling quickly so that normal business can resume or it may mean vigorous litigation to pursue the maximum return.

In every case, our focus is to help our clients understand the options and to help them to make the decision that supports their business interests cost-effectively.

As one of the largest practice areas at Fladgate, our dispute resolution team is experienced in handling cases of considerable size and complexity. Our partner-led, practical approach ensures that clients receive a swift, high-quality response that focuses on achieving the best commercial resolution.

If you have any questions or queries please call Simon on +44 (0)20 3036 7264 or email sekins@fladgate.com

Fladgate LLP’s “team has a wealth of knowledge and experience”.  Simon Ekins heads the department.

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