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European Private Equity Fund

In 2014 our team began working with a London-headquartered European Private Equity Fund, the relationship started tentatively but has been growing from strength to strength. The fund recognised the value of introductions made to them to potential equity investors (both institutional as well as private) and our connected and enterprising team worked closely with the client setting up a series of meetings with such investors to try to facilitate the raising of further funds as well as to explore co-investment opportunities. We have since provided extensive support on the acquisition and assembly of a UK regional office portfolio and on an ongoing basis we advised on the intensive asset management, refinancing, division, break-up and sale of the individual assets. Our deep understanding of the sector as well as how the client operates allow us to adapt our team in a quick and nimble way, advising on numerous high end real estate, tax, corporate, finance, litigation and construction matters over the years. The fund has completed (2020) an incredible exit with IRR @ 22%.

"The Fladgate team we work with are all experts in their fields, highly capable individuals. They manage to combine a strong academic knowledge of the law with a commercial approach to deal-making - a rare trait for a law firm. They understand our business and know how private equity works. Gideon Dabby-Joory, our client partner, is a pleasure to deal with. Not only is he fiercely intelligent but, perhaps as importantly, he is very responsive and commercial and does not try to over-complicate matters." 2019 L500

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